​Shooting with Farah
So... I decided to turn my website into a sort of... blog? Every shoot I do will be posted here where you can view the shots I've edited as well as a little story behind the shoot. With that being said, I had the pleasure of being able to shoot with Farah on Saturday. I feel like last minute shoots are always the best, all that planning.. trying to remember you have a shoot coming up.. yeah scratch all of that. We met up by my house around 6:30, which means golden hour was right around the corner. We headed straight up to the Covina hills where all the "expensive" real-estate was. I wanted to achieve that suburban summer vibe, my focus was on creating the feeling of those summer evenings coming up with that perfect weather and beautiful sunsets. We ended up stumbling across an area in the hills full of brand new homes with no one living in them yet, so of course we tried getting into one. I mean come on, that would of made for some awesome photos! With no luck of getting into one we made our way to the back yard of one of these houses that had a great view of the setting sun. Seeing LA city from that far away makes you feel so small, while we're over here in the hills taking photos, the city off in the distance was teeming with life. Having lived in the city for a portion of my life it's kind of a flip on perspective seeing it from so far away. As the last of the sun set behind the mountains  we made our way down the hills where we stumbled onto what seemed to be a yard sale, yet this was no ordinary yard sale. You see, a yard sale entails the exchange of money for ones unwanted belongings, but this was no sale. On bright green paper ( who buys bright green paper? ) was the 4 letter word everyone loves, FREE. We picked around for a bit looking for anything of value but of course it was already picked clean. Honestly I was just super stoked on the old TV off to the side, being a fan of the 1940's - 1950's, I had to take some shots of Farah on top of such a beautiful fossil. At the end of the day, I was stoked on the shots we took, Farah was a pleasure to work with and it's always a blast meeting new talent in the Greater Los Angeles area. I'm looking forward to shooting with her again in the future.
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